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Fire alarm and Firefighting system

Fire protection systems are the main activity of IGS, in which we have a long experience through tens of projects that we already made for different clients in oil & gas, cement and food & beverage sectors whether fire alarm or fire-fighting systems.

 – Fire alarm (smoke – heat – gas – flame- beam) Detectors
with their  needed connec
tion and accessories

 – Fire Fighting (water- CO2 – foam – FM200 – Aerosol)

    IGS also submits fire maintenance contracts

Vehicle Firefighting system

Vehicle fire suppression systems (VFSS) are the first line of defense for operators to safely and also is critical for protecting your equipment. Having a properly installed and working VFSS mitigates the risk of downtime and replacing your highly expensive equipment.    

                     Aerosol & Automatic Foam systems  

IGS is an authorized distributor for major vehicle fire suppression system with a certified highly skilled technical engineers that can help you to keep your site safe